Alé Duarte . Expert for Children & Young People

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Somatic Practices for Child’s Self-regulation

Tune in to Children is based on the premise that children are able to naturally self-regulate and also able to develop healthy relationships throughout their growth process.


But what might prevent them to feel and act creatively and responsive with the world around them? In short, the underlying cause is the feeling of being overwhelmed. We live in an extremely fast-moving world, where complexity increases on a daily basis by information, temptations, and demands. A world of choice often leaves us confused as to the best way forward.


As adults, we have developed skills to help us to navigate this busy world. But for children living in this ever-changing environment, sometimes the constant stimulation or pressure to improve can overwhelm. Couple this with a traumatic life event (which can range from a simple fall, to a parent’s illness, to a loss) and children behavior can be impacted.


Based upon the knowledge that human beings have an innate ability to overcome the effects of stress and trauma, Tune in to Children helps children to re-organize and rebalance their autonomic nervous systems, releasing blocked energy through the use of play and joyful movement, awareness of the self and others.


Helping them to develop the awareness of their own emotions and experiences, this overwhelming feeling can be better contained. With that in place, children will feel empowered to have healthy relationships, to learn and be able to follow their inner voice and creative self.


Using activities and specific examples to create a real “somatic tour” of our bodies and perception, Alé will share his insights of this body-oriented practice from an experiential perspective to stimulate awareness of somatic distress that may be present in you and the children around you.


Beginning with the premise that we can read messages from the non-verbal language of children, Tune in to Children teaches the skills required to insightfully observe and understand them. It is a method that restores self-regulation, encouraging a sense of aliveness in the child; promoting relaxation and wholeness.

Content of Module 1 (Intro Workshop)

  • Somatic tracking through the Five Stages of Self-regulation Model and how to use this to activate empowerment and self-confidence in children
  • Understand the concept of multiple levels of self-regulation and its implication on child’s daily activities
  • Understand the somatic arousal and the energetic unbalanced polarity – hyperactivity and apathetic behaviors
  • How to use the “somatic approach” to control hyper-activity, apathy, aggressiveness, anxiety and so many other dysfunctional behaviors of a child
  • Understand and develop an effective verbal and non-verbal communication with introspective child
  • Helping extroverted and high-energy children to connect with their sensations and emotions
  • The relevance of the system of fight, flight and freeze to deal with child trauma
  • The body (and touch) in search of integration: trauma as open and closed loops
  •  Learning how to deal with ‘chaos’ within a group
  • Self-regulation through symbolic and ludic games

3-part Training Tune in to Children (Module 2-4)

Module 1 is prerequisite for your training registration. In case you have already taken part in another multi-day workshop with Alé Duarte, please get in contact with us and send us your confirmation of participation.

Training Curriculum Module 2-4 ENGLISH
Tune in to Children - curriculum module
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Target audience

This workshop is designed for psychologists, social education workers, parents, health care professionals and refugee aid workers who want to provide support and work with somatic practices for children and their caretakers. It is for people who:

  • Believe they can make a difference in the life of children, adding new tools to their own talents and professional background;
  • Believe group work with collaborative spirit can generate positive and comprehensive impacts on “new children”;
  •  Are interested and willing to innovate and develop projects for children, parents and related professionals;
  •  Love personal development and want to explore the unusual

Alé Duarte . Expert for Children & Young People

Alé Duarte travels the globe, delivering creative, flexible, and child-specific programs to professionals working in the area of psychology and body-oriented therapy. Alé provides logistic support to professionals responding to natural disasters in many countries, like the tsunami in Asia in 2005, the Hurricane Katrina in 2006, the earthquake in China in 2008 and tsunami in Japan in 2011.


His dynamic collaboration with various agencies, hospitals, and other multi-disciplinary institutions reflects Alé’s personal dedication to sharing a body-centered approach towards healing, auto-exploration, and well-being for children, adults, and global communities. An area of specialty is the experience of trauma in children, and the inherent ability of the child’s body to recover from the impact of trauma, through highly tuned somatic awareness within the therapeutic relationship.